Friday, 24 February 2012

Frikkie Befrikte Vinnige Aandetes



Wat jy nodig het:
  • 500g gemaalde beesvleis
  • 250ml koue water
  • sout en peper na smaak
  • 150ml blatjang of meer na smaak
  • 250ml rou rys
  • 1 blikkie minstronesop of groente sop
  • 1 blikkie geroomde sampioene 
  • 500ml kookwater    

Gereed in 8 maklike stappe
  1. Verhit die oond tot 180'C.
  2. Smeer 'n oondvaste bak.
  3. Kap 'n ui en braai in 'n ​​pan met 'n bietjie olyfolie.
  4. Meng die maalveis, koue water, sout en peper  by die ui en kook dit vinnig sonder 'n deksel totdat al die vleoistof afgekook het.
  5. Skep die maalvleis in die bak.Smeer die bladjang bo-oor., strooi die rys oor. Gooi die sop oor en dan die sampioene. Laaste, gooi die kookwater bo-oor . BOOM! Kla!!
  6. Bedek met die deksel of met aluminiumfoelie en bak in die verhitte oond vir 1 1/2 uur.
  7. Bedien warm met groente van jou keuse. 
  8. Geniet met 'n koue bier of net 'n klein glassie wyn!!  


    Monday, 20 February 2012

    LMD Website is LIVE!!

    Go take a SQUIZZ at this!!! This is one of the many things that we are aaaactually supposed to be doing during the day. Let us know what you think and spread the word. SHA'BOOM!


    Monday, 13 February 2012

    Hallo Lovers of Love!!

    Hello all you lovers out there... Be you single or taken... This post is sure to BLOW your mind!!! By the time you finished reading here,it will feel as though Barry White just stepped through the door... NAKED!

    Firstly if you haven't planned something special for your special  little someone, why not try one of these places in Pretoria:   (if they still have a table for you... )
    *Papa's Real Food: Special Valentine's Dinner with live music from Frank Panaou - 012 362 2224
    *Deli on Duncan: Lady and the Tramp Valentine's Dinner - 012 362 4054
    *Mydarlings, Be Mydarlings on Valentine's Day.  Be there around 18:30-19:00.  Bookings only.  R280 per person. 012 362 1014.
    *Valentine’s Day at Al Dente, Menu price: R250 per person. Bookings are essential. 012 460 9686
    *The Anti-Valentines Evening at Tings an' Times. Cocktails buy 1 get 1 free between 5 PM and 7 PM., Jagermeister only R14. Giveaways by Jagermeister. Free entrance and oh yeah, couples are also welcome!

    Why not put something DIRTY and OILY in your MOUTH?? Try something romantic at home like a picnic under the stars or a romantic dinner that you make from scratch or why not go and see a movie, old school styling!

    Here is a recipe of LOVE to make for your loved one tomorrow morning for a sexy brekie in BED!
    Lovers Breakfast
    (Heart Shaped Bacon With Crumpets and Hart Shaped Egg topped with Honey and served with fresh Strawberries) 
     What you need:

    - 1 Packet streaky Bacon

    - For the Crumpets:
    1 Cup Flour
    1 Egg
    2 Tablespoons Sugar
    1/2 Tablespoon Butter, melted
    2 Teaspoons Baking powder
    1/2 Teaspoon Salt
    1 Cup Milk

    - 2 Eggs.

    - A few fresh Strawberries.

    - Honey or syrup to taste.

    - Heart shaped cookie cutter.
    How to make it:

    To make the bacon hearts:
    - Preheat the oven to 200'C.
    - Cut the bacon strips in half and shape into a heart, thats right!! A heart!!! Shape them on a greased baking pan.
    - Place in the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes.

    To make the Crumpets:
    - Mix the egg and sugar together in a large mixing bowl.
    - Add 1/2 cup of milk and the butter.
    -Mix in the flour, baking powder and salt.
    - Add the rest of the milk and mix until well combined.
    - Preheat a greased pan to a medium heat on the stove.
    - When the pan is preheated add tablespoons of the crumpet mixture to the pan.
    - first bake the one side, when air bubbles form on top the crumpet is ready to be turned over. bake until the crumpet is a nice shade of brown.

    To make the eggs:
    - Fry the eggs in a greased preheated pan, don't worry is the yellow of the egg is broken, you are going to cut a heart shape out of it when its done.
    - When the egg is done use the cookie cutter to cut out a heart shape in the egg, don't discard the extra egg, that will be used in the tower of yummyness.

    Assembly of the love meal:
    - Put 1 crumpet in a plate and butter it if you prefer that.
    - top with the extra bits of egg left over after the heart is cut out. Salt and pepper to taste.
    - Top with another crumpet and butter is you prefer.
    - Top with the heart shaped egg and salt and pepper to taste.
    - Then add the heart shaped bacon to the top of the tower.
    - Put the fresh strawberries around the edge of the plate.
    - Lastly drizzle with honey or syrup!
    - Serve on a plate or if your willing (just putting this out there) serve it on your STOMACH!!! BOOM!!!
    This is sure to get you MILLION of brownie points, and might even get you a little kiss on the cheek!;) Either way, make sure you do your best to IMPRESS tomorrow... You wont be sorry!!!

    Tuesday, 7 February 2012

    Mini Vanilla Custard and Berry Yummies

    These mini tarts are really easy and kinda quick to make, except for the 30mins of stirring to make the custard…but if you keep your mind occupied it will go by really fast, so make yourself a cup of coffee or have your phone close by before you start stirring. All in all it’s a very rewarding feeling that YOU made your OWN custard! So here is the recipe, give it a try, it is really fulfilling and makes your taste buds go BOOM IN YOUR FACE!!!!!
    What you need:

    1 Mini muffin pan

    The Crust:
    1 Roll of short crust pastry

    The Vanilla Custard Filling:
    2 Cups Full cream milk
    3 Large egg yolks, beaten
    ½ Cup Sugar
    5 Table spoons flour, sifted
    1 Vanilla pod, seeded or ¼ teaspoon vanilla essence

    The Topping:
    Blueberries and Raspberries or really any berries you would like.
    How to make it:

    The Crust:
    - Preheat the oven to 200’C. Roll out the short crust pastry and using a small flower shaped cookie cutter (or a round one depending what you have) cut out as many as you can fit in the short crust pastry sheet.
    - Press the dough flowers into a mini muffin pan and bake in the preheated oven for 8minutes or until the edges are light golden colour.
    - Set aside to cool until needed.

    The Vanilla Custard filling:
    - Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. If you are using the vanilla pod, after seeding it add it to the mixture as well.
    - Pour the mixture into a heavy base saucepan over a medium heat, stirring constantly. Watch your stoves temperature, the custard should not be sticking or burning to the bottom of the pan.
    - The mixture will start to thicken after 20-30 minutes, so now is the time to get out your phone and drink that cup of coffee that you made before the stirring started.
    - If you are using the vanilla pod remove it from the mixture just before it starts to thicken.
    - The custard is ready when it is no longer runny and has a stiff texture.
    - Allow to cool before spooning into the crust.

    The Topping:
    - Spoon teaspoons full of the custard into the crust and top with the berries!

     Serve and Enjoy!

    Monday, 6 February 2012

    aanklank - 'Papier is geduldig'

    The Second aanklank video that was launched last thursday night which was directed by Adam Heyns is up on youtube, have a look, it's AWESOME! With a capital F! Read all about the video launch here, if you haven't yet!

    Friday, 3 February 2012

    Weekend Vibes

    Yo!! Been such a loooong week, but do not fear, for it is the WEEKEND!!! And once again, the weekend does NOT dissapoint!!


    Starting off in city of the Snor. Tonight, DIE ANTWOORD will be performing at Arcade Empire and will be supported by The Wedding DJ's, Slap-Chip and Doctor Khumalo. This is not one to miss, because is the last time Die Antwoord will play in the country for quite some time! So get there your lazy asses down to Arcade for one of the coolest shows around!


    The city of gold is next on the weekend vibes. This weekend, sees the premier of what hopefully becomes a regular event. It's the first ever JOZIFEST! This just looks like a craaaaazy weekend filled with awesomeness! The list of bands and dj's playing is mind blowingly loooong, but ones to look out for are the many international acts and especially FOTO NA DANS. This will be their last show ever up in Gauteng, due to the band taking a break... So there is no excuse, follow the link and figure out what time you gotta leave home to make it in time to see madness go down.... Joy-Burg never dissapoints!

    Last but not least, the mother city herself... Now if you don't know already, this weekend is the UP THE CREEK festival near Swellendam. This is one of those festivals that everyone has to atleast attend once!! Its probably on the top 5 list of things to do in summer!! For more information, hit up this link and get ur bums there!! It's a must!!!!

    Well that's our picks of things to do this weekend... So go out. Have fun. Don't regret anything. And say "BOOM" attest once this weekend!!!

    Aanklank Video Premier

    Frikkie and the rest of the Awesomeness, were very lucky to be invited to the launch of Aanklank's two new music videos last nite. The launch was held at the most perfect venue that one could possibly think of. A loft/studio in Lynwood which overlooks the whole of the Snorbaai... Too cool!! Upon arrival, we were greeted with platters of fresh breads, spreads and pestos, and the most astounding view of p-town at night...  Cardboard cut-out props, that were used in the making of one of the videos, were to be found hanging all around the space, and guests were encouraged to wear the props and snap some pics of themselves in these once off creations! Background music was provided by Francois Viljoen on  piano, and this just set the mood... All in all, the atmosphere was AWESOME!
     A bit later on, the reason we all were there, was about to begin. The girls from Aanklank, Willemien Heyns and Sanet Stegmann, came on stage and said a couple of thank yous before playing the first of two music videos. The first being the video for "Terugkeer Na Jou", which was done by M.J Du Preez from Doktrine... And we'd just like to say that it is a BEFRIKTE video. Beautifully shot and so well done... M.J and the rest of the team from Doktrine, HIGH FIVE from Frikkie Awesome!! Boom!!!

    Once the video was done, the ladies came out and played a set of 3 songs to everyone's appreciation! This was followed by the premiere of there brand new video for the song "Papier is Geduldig". The video was made on a budget, but it came out soooo cool!!! A big congratulations is in order for Aanklank and there team of family and friends who helped them put together an awesome awesome video!! Dis rerig BEFRIK!
    A little later in the evening we were given the opportunity to sit down with Willemien and Sanet and chat about the band, there day jobs, why they weren't naked in there music video and what the future looks like for Aanklank. Willemien and Sanet are probably the most down to earth girls in the WHOLE world! Such fun to talk to and this fun is carried through into there music and there videos. Bubbly does not fully describe these two girls... It's like ANOTHER level!!! And we LOVED it!!
    The party carried on late into the evening, but it was eventually time for us to go... But we would just like to say thank you to Aanklank for having us and making us feel very welcome!! We hope to see you guys soon....

    Wednesday, 1 February 2012

    Frikkie Befrikte Vinnige Aandetes

    Exciting stuff happening in the Frikkie Awesome kitchen! Shit is going DOWN!!! We are adding a new addition to our recipe section:  'Frikkie Befrikte Vinnige Aandetes'. This section will feature quick meal recipes to fit the 8-5 lifestyle we all (unfortunately) have to live.

    Quick Roast Chicken Pieces
    What you need:

    • 1 Onion - cut into quarters
    • 6-8 Chicken pieces - drumsticks or thighs or other pieces
    • a few pieces of sliced butternut
    • Salt and pepper to taste
    • a hand full of Thyme
    • ¾ Packet white onion soup powder/ or any soup powder you prefer like cream of mushroom or brown onion
    • 150-200ml Water
    • 250ml Chutney
    • 2 or 3 squirts Mayo
      Ready in 6 easy steps!

    1. Preheat the oven to 180'C.
    2. Place the onions and butternut in an oven dish and arrange the chicken pieces on top, season with thyme and salt and pepper to taste.
    3. Mix the soup powder with the water until smooth, stir in the chutney and mayo, pour the sauce evenly over the chicken and cover with a lid or foil and place in the preheated oven and roast for 40 minutes.
    4. Pour yourself a glass or JUG of wine and relax outside and forget about your day. 
    5. Remove the lid or foil after 40 minutes and roast for another 20 minutes until golden brown and cooked.
    6. Served with a starch of your choice and enjoy the fruits (chicken) of your labour!!!