Friday, 3 February 2012

Aanklank Video Premier

Frikkie and the rest of the Awesomeness, were very lucky to be invited to the launch of Aanklank's two new music videos last nite. The launch was held at the most perfect venue that one could possibly think of. A loft/studio in Lynwood which overlooks the whole of the Snorbaai... Too cool!! Upon arrival, we were greeted with platters of fresh breads, spreads and pestos, and the most astounding view of p-town at night...  Cardboard cut-out props, that were used in the making of one of the videos, were to be found hanging all around the space, and guests were encouraged to wear the props and snap some pics of themselves in these once off creations! Background music was provided by Francois Viljoen on  piano, and this just set the mood... All in all, the atmosphere was AWESOME!
 A bit later on, the reason we all were there, was about to begin. The girls from Aanklank, Willemien Heyns and Sanet Stegmann, came on stage and said a couple of thank yous before playing the first of two music videos. The first being the video for "Terugkeer Na Jou", which was done by M.J Du Preez from Doktrine... And we'd just like to say that it is a BEFRIKTE video. Beautifully shot and so well done... M.J and the rest of the team from Doktrine, HIGH FIVE from Frikkie Awesome!! Boom!!!

Once the video was done, the ladies came out and played a set of 3 songs to everyone's appreciation! This was followed by the premiere of there brand new video for the song "Papier is Geduldig". The video was made on a budget, but it came out soooo cool!!! A big congratulations is in order for Aanklank and there team of family and friends who helped them put together an awesome awesome video!! Dis rerig BEFRIK!
A little later in the evening we were given the opportunity to sit down with Willemien and Sanet and chat about the band, there day jobs, why they weren't naked in there music video and what the future looks like for Aanklank. Willemien and Sanet are probably the most down to earth girls in the WHOLE world! Such fun to talk to and this fun is carried through into there music and there videos. Bubbly does not fully describe these two girls... It's like ANOTHER level!!! And we LOVED it!!
The party carried on late into the evening, but it was eventually time for us to go... But we would just like to say thank you to Aanklank for having us and making us feel very welcome!! We hope to see you guys soon....

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