Friday, 3 February 2012

Weekend Vibes

Yo!! Been such a loooong week, but do not fear, for it is the WEEKEND!!! And once again, the weekend does NOT dissapoint!!


Starting off in city of the Snor. Tonight, DIE ANTWOORD will be performing at Arcade Empire and will be supported by The Wedding DJ's, Slap-Chip and Doctor Khumalo. This is not one to miss, because is the last time Die Antwoord will play in the country for quite some time! So get there your lazy asses down to Arcade for one of the coolest shows around!


The city of gold is next on the weekend vibes. This weekend, sees the premier of what hopefully becomes a regular event. It's the first ever JOZIFEST! This just looks like a craaaaazy weekend filled with awesomeness! The list of bands and dj's playing is mind blowingly loooong, but ones to look out for are the many international acts and especially FOTO NA DANS. This will be their last show ever up in Gauteng, due to the band taking a break... So there is no excuse, follow the link and figure out what time you gotta leave home to make it in time to see madness go down.... Joy-Burg never dissapoints!

Last but not least, the mother city herself... Now if you don't know already, this weekend is the UP THE CREEK festival near Swellendam. This is one of those festivals that everyone has to atleast attend once!! Its probably on the top 5 list of things to do in summer!! For more information, hit up this link and get ur bums there!! It's a must!!!!

Well that's our picks of things to do this weekend... So go out. Have fun. Don't regret anything. And say "BOOM" attest once this weekend!!!

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