Friday, 29 June 2012

Die Skim Grot Maak Oop!

Frikkie's and Frikkettes, the moment Pretoria has been waiting for is finally here! Die Skim Grot shop is having its official opening tomorrow, the 30th of June.
Die Skim Grot or as english peeps call it, the phantom cave, is an initiative started by the guy and girl at Doktrine. The concept behind "Die Grot" is that of an underground designer goodie shop with the emphasis on new and  exciting local designer products by local artists, bands and designers. The idea is to create that same excitement one gets when walking into a secondhand shop and not knowing what to expect or what gems you will find.
The opening event takes place tomorrow, 30th June, at Die Moederskip which is situated on the corner of Pretorius and Hilda streets in Hatfiled. Doors will be opening at 11h00 and the event will run until 19h00. Pull in for some great shopping, a bit of music, and a bit of dop! Bands featured tomorrow include the likes of Yesterdays Pupil, Yo Grapes, A skyline on Fire, Vampire 9000, Sassquatch, Doctor Khumalo and Spookwolf!! The times for the bands are as follows:

                                                                          12h00: Spookwolf
                                                                          13h00: Doctor Khumalo
                                                                          14h00: Vampire9000
                                                                          15h00: A Skyline on Fire
                                                                          16h00: Yo Grapes
                                                                          17h00: Sassquatch
                                                                          18h00: Yesterdays Pupil
                                                                          19h00: Spookwolf

There will also be a "Live-Drawing" demonstration by Brent Swart (BrentBlack Studios) and Gerhard van Wyk (This Pencil). There will be a bar available, so make sure to gets yourself a KAPOWERADE!! Food will also be available to buy from Honey Badger Bistro right next door!!! Remember there is an entrance fee, so make sure to have R30. The first 150 people at the door get a voucher for one free Dooswyn and a shot at Arcade Empire for the Desmond & the Tutus Album Launch later tomorrow night.

This is gonna be one kick-ass event, so don't miss out... You will regret it if you don't pitch!!

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