Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Frikkie Cool Creative: Gerhard van Wyk

A Story of a Young Boy
Told by Johannes Roos

As a young boy, Gerhard van Wyk was found running around with a pack of wild dogs in the savage eastern suburbs of Pretoria. When the humans took him, the oldest and wisest of the dogs barked: “My pup, remember who you are!” Then they ran off yelping, chasing a bus.
Although the experience of being separated from his original family scarred him deeply, Gerhard survived and grew up listening to fantastical tales told by middle-aged men during Friday afternoon business braais.Here his love for stories and narrative developed and became a passion, culminating in the expression of these tales through visual means.
Yet he never forgot the wizened hound’s words, and even to this day he can be found in public parks, giving back to the canine community by expertly spinning yarns and sharing quips about his past, always surrounded by an intensely captivated audience; either listening or licking his ears and face.
The End

To see more of this very talented artist Gerhard van Wyk or to find out more about his love for coffee, visit the following sites.

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