Friday, 11 May 2012

Honey Badger - Bistro

So there's this new spot in town that we think is preeeety kewl!! It's called Honey Badger Bistro, and is situated on the corner of Hilda and Pretorius street. It's got that street cafe vibe with the classic Snor Baai feel to it, which makes it ideal for one to sit there all day and relax...
Honey Badger was started by Cecilia Theron du Preez and Felicity Steenkamp, and from what we have experienced visiting Honey Badger is that they did a Frikkie Awesome job!! The bistro is very basic but it works so well with the vibe that they have created. A mixture of vintage and modern furnishings gives it that contemporary European street cafe feel... Which we LOVE!! There is an inside non-smoking area and an outside smoking area, so they have catered for both types of customer that one would find in the Capital city.
Then there's the menu.... There is not much one can say about what they have to offer... Except it's AMAAAZING!! They have everything from breakfasts through to lunch and even finger snacks for the not so ravenous customer. From what we have tasted throughout the week, we have yet to find a single thing that does not satisfy our taste buds! For instance, today if you order a cheese platter, you get yourself a free glass of wine!! What a DEAL!! Also, be sure to check in daily for the "Sandwich of the Day"..And what's more is the coffee!! You HAVE to try the coffee... It will blow your FRIKKIN mind!!
The bistro is open from 7:30 till 16:00 Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 till 15:00 on a Saturday. We have found, obviously from traveling experience, that the best way one should drive to get there, would be to go down Duncan Street, now 'fondly' known as Jan Shoba (don't ask),  and turn into Church street, or as the government calls it " Stanza Mobapa", and then take the second street on your left which should be Hilda. There's enough parking and the odd tree for some sweet shade!
Honey Badger Bistro is just what P-Town needed, a place for good food that can be shared in good company with a pretty sweet vibe! Be sure to join their Facebook page to stay up to date with all things new at the bistro!


  1. wat, het ek my free D shades nodig vir DIE nuwe page?Wens ons kon gaan koffie by die Honey Badger!

  2. BAIE BAIE COOL! Ek weet wat ek gaan doen as ek weer in Pretoors kom draai...

  3. very very cool. im coming back to PTA just to be there!

  4. Dis sooo awesome om nog nuwe cool plekke in Pretoria te sien!! Dink ek gaan die naweek moontlik 'n draai maak! x