Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Badger has a new menu!

So. If you follow us regularly you will know that we have done a post about Honey Badger Bistro, and many of you have since then, made a turn or three round there. So for the Badger fans and Badger newbies, there's some pretty sweet news for you guys!! Honey Badger Bistro has recently launched there new menu... And it's AMAZEBALLS!! 
The badgers have clearly been hard at work developing this new menu, cause the dishes that on it are pretty much out of this world. From the R28 Back to Basics breakfast (and it's not near basic at all) to the Gourmet Sandwidches (which taste like awesomeness) to the home made pasta, this menu is seriously next level!! The Honey Badger is also starting to introduce a bunch of cool events, so make sure to check the blog and there Facebook page for all the info you require! In the meantime, have a look at some of these pics of a couple of new dishes they have on offer!!
Head on over to the Honey Badger Bistro and smash that menu in your mouth!!!


  1. Dit lyk SOOO lekker, dalk moet ons daar gaan eet as ons meet in Snorcity?

    1. Dit klink soos 'n awesome plan Lea! x