Monday, 5 March 2012

This is the life!

So who checked out Two Door Cinema Club on Friday night in Joburg?? Well if you weren't one of the lucky ticket winners then reeeeally unlucky for you!!! BECAUSE... It was an epic epic show!!
The event was put together by 5 Gum and besides the headlining act of Two Door Cinema Club, the show included performances by Isochronous and Desmond and the Tutus, both of whom were AWESOME to say the least!! The venue was FRIKKIE AWESOME! It was held at the NASREC show grounds, the place the Rand Easter Show is always held, and the whole hanger/warehouse vibe suited the whole event!! A big THANK YOU and a bigger WELL DONE must definitely be given to 5 Gum on putting all of it together. We are definitely looking forward to seeing more events like this from them in the future!! In the words of Two Door Cinema Club "Something good can work". It did. And we LOVED it!

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