Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Have Yourself a Frikkie Awesome Christmas

This past Friday Frikkie Awesome celebrated the end of the year and sommer Christmas at the same time.
We had a spit braai with lots and lots of food and drinks and fun and AWESOMENESS!!!
Below is a few Christmas table ideas and a look of what we were up to!

The Drinks Table:
*It is always a good idea to have a drinks table, in fact, its the BEST idea for your Christmas party. A cold and refreshing punch is always a winner winner chicken dinner!! We had Gin and Dry lemon/Tonic, Water with mint, lemon and ice, white wine, an awesome Sangria and of course.. BEER!! (Recipe for the sangria wiil be coming your way in 2012)

*Make yourself cool SnorStraws by printing and cutting out any Snor shape of your choice and then make a whole in it for the straw. Those bendy straws are ideal for this!!
*If you are having a spit braai, like we did, you should have some snacks for your guests to keep them from eating each other while waiting for the real food!! We smashed some chips and dips in our faces!
*Set the mood by playing some Christmas classics, or click this link and download the Fulka Christmas EP FREE:

The Skaap Spit Braai:
*The guys have always talked about having a spit braai, so this year we decided to test it out. Its pretty easy if you kinda know what you are doing. You can rent a spit for a day from CHG Function Hire, they drop it off at your house and the pick it up again, which is quite sweet!! We spitted half a lamb and are SUPER keen to spit a whole bear next year!!!

The Table:
*Make Christmas tree decorations by using different size and coloured buttons. You just put a wire through the button holes, then make a star shape at the top to hang from the tree. These button decorations can also be used as a gift wrapping decorations. SWEET DEAL!!

Easy Gift Idea:
The Party Vibes:
 Merry Christmas from all of us here at Frikkie Awesome and a Happy New Year to you all!!

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  1. Love daai button boom goedjies, ek gaan dit NOU maak!