Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Cape Town... Here we COME!!!

Whats a happening capital city!?!?! So... Here's some news for you. 1/3 of Frikkie Awesome has relocated to the Mother City, ie. CAPE TOWN!!! So what does this mean for you... Well simply put... We are taking over SOUTH AFRICA from both sides!!! This means you can look froward to more posts in and around CAPE TOWN from parties to places to see, things to do etc etc... So keep an eye on the blog for TWICE the amount of AWESOME!!!!

So, for our first post concerning the Cape... Check out this Thursday nite VIBE!!!!

Its time again for another of the Converse Block Parties. This time its all going down at The Assembly in Harrington Street! Like we said, this is all happening on Thursday night, the 15th of December!!! BOOM!! Expect to see the likes of Shadow Club, Sibot, 340ml, Felix Laband and many more!! This is definately a party not to be missed!!

See you all there on Thursday nite... Later.

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