Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Feet smell. So does poverty.

If you guys haven't heard about this good cause in P-Town... Then where have you been for the past year!?!

"Feet smell, so does poverty" was started by one of the frikkie awesomest guys you will ever meet, Heinrich Van Den Worm, and was started a year ago almost to the day, to raise funds for the charity Doulos " Armoede Bediening", which is a charity that cares for poor communities. His goal was to go barefoot for an entire year and in the process raise money and collect anything he could to donate to Doulos. Heinrich has been involved in many charity events and drives throughout the year, he has encouraged others in P-Town to also go barefoot even if just for one day, and has in the process become quite the Snorbaai celebrity! So... He has 9 days left going barefoot, so if you want to donate anything, from food to blankets and clothes, and of course money, don't hesitate to contact Heinrich and "Feet smell, so does poverty" on either the Facebook Page or give him a follow on twitter. Heinrich also runs a great blog which you can check out here. Be sure to catch Heinrich on his last day barefoot at the Dropzone VIP section on the 20th of October. R20 will get you in the door, with half of the proceeds going to his charity. There will be acoustic sets by Werner from Wrestlerish and Dans Dans Lisa, so be sure to be there and support a great cause! 

From us here at Frikkie Awesome, here's a FOOT FIVE to you Heirnrich, great job man! Respect!!!!

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