Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekend Vibes

Whats cracking P-TOWN!!! This weekend is going to be EPIC!! Starting off with tonight's gig at Arcade Empire. There you can catch Ashtray Electric , Fire Through the Window, Alan! Lets move on and The Olympic!! HECTIC! Then tomorrow is heritage day, but it also happens to be BRAAI DAY, so gaan haal daai braaitang, sit die tjops in die yskas, en terwyl jy dit doen, gooi vir jouself n' ys koue bier!! To get you in the mood, click the video below and get your vibe on for BRAAI DAY!! Tomorrow evening see's another amazing gig happening at Hotbox Studios, with Gazelle, Holiday Murray, The Stella's and Moe Joe keeping you entertained aaaaaall night looong!! (oh, and just by the way, there is talk of two surprise acts!)
So there you go my fellow PreSNORians, you have all you need to know, now go make the best of it and be good... Or if not, AT LEAST take some photies!! Peace out.. BOOM!

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