Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Army of Art® - South Africa's Creative Force

For a few months this name has made a creative commotion across the country - on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest…Army of Art. First exploding onto the social media scene, Army of Art brought a complete neoteric perspective on creative South African individuals. On the 1st of October this year, they launched the first phase of their much anticipated website: www.army-of-art.co.za.
More than just an average platform or forum, it is an interactive entity for all South African creatives. A South African creative ‘’Facebook’’ some have compared it to; A phenomenal milestone for South African web development as per others; the first of its kind in the South African social media market - fact.
When asked how they initiated the concept, they replied:
‘’South Africa is a country filled to the brim with significantly creative people. It is time that we offered them a space where they can get the exposure and recognition they deserve, and the necessary assistance to sustain creativity as a career. We started this for the love of art, and the lack of wanting to pursue anything but art, and this in a country where it is already a struggle to make a living, even in a corporate job.”

Whether you are a struggling writer, a professional photographer, a notable personage in the music industry or even just an avid crafter in your sparetime, Army of Art has a place for you in their ‘’creative force’’. Artists from absolutely every and any category in South Africa's Creative industry are welcome.You don’t have to own a website or an impressive social media page, as you can get all the exposure you need on Army of Art’s website.
By creating a profile, you can upload your artworks, images, music videos, audio or literature. By using the advanced profile system, you can display your works in the public gallery, where your work is exhibited to hundreds of possible employers and other creatives alike. Through the friend and message system, you can communicate with others, share ideas and collaborate. You can submit all your events, (performances / tour dates, markets, sales, exhibitions, shows, festivals, new releases, conventions) to events@army-of-art.co.za for free submission to their events timeline.

The Army Of Art Team will continuously be improving and adjusting features and adding facilities to their site to provide optimum exposure for the artists, ensuring convenience of usage and expansion to better serve South Africa's creative community. Employer/ employee interaction will be the next feature added to the site, creating an employment hub for all South African artists. You will be notified of all employment opportunities in your field and will be able to apply via the site.
The beauty of an army is that it encompasses strength in numbers and power in creative strategies. This is just the start of many more things for Army of Art. The first issue of their magazine will soon be released, and word is out that they will be collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry to create more opportunities for SA artists to gain exposure and enhance our industry.

So if you are indeed a South African creative individual, be sure to join them, as this army is intent on growing and developing as an entity, whilst enriching the individuals that contribute to the force. One soldier does not an army make.

May the force be with you.

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