Thursday, 15 December 2011

Frikkie Awesome Top 10 Holiday Tips

So now that it is officially HOLIDAY time(for most of us at least), we thought we would share with you some of our holiday tips... Now it is very important that you abide by these, if not, you must prepare to deal with the consequences!!! So here they are: 

1. SUNSCREEN!!!!! Now this is a very important SUMMER holiday tip, not because your mom told you to put it on or because you heard it in some song from the 90's... But simply because nobody wants to look like a RED LOBSTER on holiday!! Come on people, we have an image to to live up to here, and no one looks good bright red!!
2. This is for all the Frikkie Awesome LADIES out there... Its December. Not VAJANUARY!!! Tip numero 2 is... WAX!!! Enough said!!!

3. Seeing as though the ladies got a tip, GUYS, this one is for you... Looking like Chewbaca or a grizzly bear on the beach is a NO GO!! Wax that back hair!!! Its gross, and no one wants to be associated with you when you look as though you have just stepped out of a National Geographic documentary about CAVE MEN!!!

4. TOLL FEES. Now these might seem like a silly hindrance on your way to the coast. BUT. Imagine getting to the toll gate and being R3,50 short?!?! That would just be awkward. BUT not as awkward as having to reverse out of the toll gate and asking the que of 68 cars behind you to do the same... NOT COOL!!!!

5. The holiday for most of us is give or take 3 weeks long... So simply put. DON'T SPEND all your money in the first 3 days!!! You still have New Years eve to save for... And that's a pricey one!! So pace yourself..

6. CHRISTMAS DAY. We all know what happens each and every christmas. LOTS OF FOOD!!! So, Frikkie Awesome recommends pacing yourself during the feasting of Christmas.. This means that you should not PIG yourself out on starters... Wait for the MAIN COURSE to start smashing food in your beak! It will be worth the wait...

7. NEW YEARS EVE. This is without a doubt one of the biggest party nights on the calendar for the year. So this means that you gotta make sure you PACE YOURSELF when it come to the consuming of alcohol! Its rather awkward being that guy or girl and missing out on the new years countdown! Its just not done!!!
8. Beach time is the best time on a summer holiday. But beach time during the heat of the day can get rather uncomfortable. So a top tip from us is to make sure you are wearing some sort of SLOP/SANDAL/SHOE to protect your soft city slicker feet. Trust us. It burns like HELL!!!

9. MUSIC. An important necessity on any holiday trip. Wether you be in a car, a boat or even an airplane. MUSIC is a must have accessory!! Make sure to include some sweet Christmas jams like Fulka's Christmas cd or even Jaco + Z-Dog's Summer Time Hits which you can download for FREE and GRATIS!!! BOOM!!!!

10. DRIVING. Now if you are driving somewhere this holiday. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take it easy. The beach or wherever you are going is not planning on disappearing  for a while. So take your time and make sure you stop enough times. you can never have to many garage pies!!!

So from all of us at Frikkie Awesome, we wish you an AWESOME festive season!!! Relax, Enjoy and come home safe!! Peace out... BOOM!!!

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