Thursday, 10 November 2011

A cheeky Thursday with some VINO!!

Want something to take your mind off this EPIC heat?? Well why not head down to Duncan Yard for the Music and Wine Festival!!! I don't know about you, but wine.. On a Thursday.. Sounds like a BEFRIKTE PLAN!!! The event starts at 16h00 and runs until 19h00. You will be charged a measly fee of R20 at the door, and this gets you a WINE GLASS!!! YES!!! Then you can browse around all you like, sampling some wine, eating some bread maybe even stare at a few of P-Towns finer specimens of human beings! (That's just an option, just putting that out there!) After the browsing and grape bashing is done, why not grab a picnic basket from Deli on Duncan or book a table at Papas for some dinner and YOUR OWN bottle of wine that you purchased earlier in the day?!?! Now that sounds AWESOME to me!!! See you there...

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