Thursday, 8 September 2011

Frikkie Cool Vibes in Kuilfontein...

As everyone knows, Frikkie Awesome was hanging around the Karoo this past weekend, chilling with the natives, gypsies and farmer folk that call the Karoo there home. Whilst we were trekking through the landscape, we came across a quaint little outpost which goes by the name of Kuilfontein. It is situated just outside the town of Springfontein which is about 40km from Gariep Dam and about
345 000km from PreSNORia!! Kuilfontein is a farm which has been in Shelton’s (he’s like the big cheese there, plus he can cook!!) family for a looong time! Now the Kuilfontein farm is divided into the farm itself (where they farm beasts such as sheep), the guest house (which has 6 accommodation units which open up onto a huuuge sprawling garden) and then the farm stall and coffee shop. The guest house is run by Sandra who you can contact on 083 283 7522 (yes, they actually have cell phones in the Karoo!) or check out the website at It’s an ideal place to stop over for the night on the way down towards the cape!

The farm stall and coffee shop is situated right on the N1 itself. You can’t really miss it! It has ‘FARM STALL’ written on the roof, and some have said that it can even be seen from space!? Everything about the farm stall is AWESOME, from the food to the atmosphere and your hosts Shelton and Martinette. The farm stall is a great place to stop for breakfast or lunch, and I’d personally recommend the Karoo Breakfast. It has everything you can think of, on one plate. Insane! If anyone wants to book a special occasion of any sort, you can contact Shelton on 073 407 9324 and Martinette on 084 702 5258. Give them a call, they might even show you how to party like a Karoo local, and trust me, its EPIC!

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