Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekend Vibes

Firstly lets just say that this was a very busy week at Frikkie Awesome and we are all excited to spend the weekend chilling and doing fun summery stuff. As you can see on the images below there is some exciting stuff happening! The weather in Pretoria is going to reach a high of 28 on Saturday, definitely beer, braai and pool weather! Summer is very well on its way. Tonight will be chilled vibes, probably just quiet dinners at a cool restaurant in the 012. On Saturday you can check out the Grietfest in Joburg. On Sunday it's time for another day of chilling in the sun at Park Acoustics with Dan Patlansky, Southern Gypsey Queen, Hoot 'n Anny and Neil van Deventer. And of course baking, shopping and knitting in between!

Have a great weekend Snor-City...
Peace out P-Town !!!

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